Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review 💅🏻

I love Barry M and any varnish that claims to dry quickly is like music to my ears when you are as impatient as me especially when it comes to painting your nails!

So I purchased this polish in the lush shade of Stop the Clock from Boots which is a creamy yellow colour, and I didn’t have any varnish that was similar (for a change) so this was a new one for my collection.

It didn’t glide on as easily as Barry M varnishes usually do and was quite grainy but after the first coat this settled and it looks smooth.

It took three coats for me to get a proper coverage, but as it dries so fast this isn’t really an issue.

It really does dry fast and I was able to do 3 coats within 20 minutes max which is good for that many coats.

I lurve the colour it looks lush and it still looks amazing even though I don’t have much of a tan! There are loads of other lush pastels and some darker colours out in this range now.

It chips quite quickly but it doesn’t claim to be long lasting – only fast drying, so it’s definitely good for a quick varnish fix. 

It’s a perfect summer pastel and means you can paint your nails quickly before rushing out to that summer BBQ without it smudging like usual polishes.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a speedy mani!

Has anyone else tried this one? What did you think?

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