BIRCHBOX – build your own Birchbox at Selfridges Oxford Street

I love getting Birchbox through the post but it’s always a tad annoying if you don’t get the things you want, so being able to chose what you get for a set price is such a nice idea!

Birchbox have a cute little set up in Selfridges in the beauty section.

It was Ā£15 for a box and the signature little bag and you got to choose 6 products.

For the choose your own in Selfridges they divided the products into categories and you got to pick 1 from beauty, one from hair, one from body, one from skin care and 2 from makeup.

Heres what I chose –



Mirenesse iCurl secret weapon 24hr mascara

I’ve heard about this brand before but never come across it so I’m excited to try this! It reckons it separates lashes for stay all day curls so I’m intrigued to see its staying power! It also says you oblt have to splash water on my to remove and the tubes slide off so this will be interesting! Usually it takes ages to take my mascara off!

Lord and Berry 20100 shiny crayon lipstick in fireĀ 

I love Lord and Berry and already have one of their full size crayons in an orange colour I got for Christmas last year Ā I think they’re about Ā£10! This is a pretty decent size to say it’s a sample too.

It’s a gorgeous bright colour and it goes on quite creamy but with a nice shine without being too wet.

Here’s a swatch of it on my handĀ 
Body careĀ 

Rituals Honey Touch body creamĀ 


This smells amazing and is such a huge size for a birchbox sample! Body cream doesn’t usually excite me but I am excited to try this one.


Clarins HydraQuench cream mask

There wasn’t much in the way of skin care to choose from but Clarins is usually so expensive so I wasn’t disappointed to have this little gem. The description says this mask will restore freshness and radiance after Ā leaving for 5-10 minutes and wiping off. I’m looking forward to trying this one!

Beauty treatĀ 

This works deep sleep pillow sprayĀ 


The big version of this around Ā£16 and this is quite a small sample but I have always wanted to try this so I’m looking forward to bed time to give this a whirl!

Hair careĀ 

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle


Again the choice wasn’t great but protect and Detangle are always good words in my book when it comes to my hair so I won’t knock this until I try it! I think this will go in my travel bag.

Here is what else you could have chosen –

Has anyone else been yet? What did you choose?

Thanks for reading!

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