Home DIY mason jar trick to prettify your room for £1!

This simple, cheap and easy trick is a great way to prettify your room and add a touch of magic with some pretty lighting.

This is perfect for those autumn nights are the darkness is drawing in earlier!

It’s a simple yet effective way of cosying up any room.

Here’s all you need –

One mason jar – I used all jars that once contained jam, just wash them out and peel off the label and any glue and you’re good to go. No extra spending required!

Some fairy lights – battery powered ones with a clear string work best as you can pop your box behind the jar and they don’t look as obvious. I’ve used plain old white lights with some white pearl detail from Poundland for, you guessed it, £1! Any colour lights will work well depending on what you like.

Add your batteries to the power box and stuff your lights into the jar and turn the lights on to make sure the bulbs are distributed easily.

Loosely pop the lid back onto the jar ensuring the string to the lights is at the back.

Pop it in place and place the box behind the jar out of sight.

Voi la there you have it! A simple effective way to add your lighting to any room.

This picture was taken in daylight.

Has anyone else tried any DIY mason jar tricks? I’d love to know more!

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Home DIY mason jar trick to prettify your room for £1!

  1. Cute! When I saw the photo, at first I was thinking “How’d she get fairies in a jar??” Kinda reminds me of Tinkerbell. Is that weird? Thanks for sharing!

    Jasmine | thesixthdisneyprincess.blogspot.com

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