Countdown to Christmas 

Happy 1st December! December is here which means the countdown to Christmas is officially ON! Only 24 sleeps until Santa woo!

As you can see I get a little excited about Christmas, it’s definitely the best part about winter and the only thing that gets me through the transition between sunny weather and the bitter cold as I have something amazing to look forward too!


My countdown always includes an advent calendar. This year I have three advent calendars. Firstly a good old Cadburys calendar- I like the one with the fat chocolate and this year they’ve mixed it up and squashed some vanilla filling inside too so I’m intrigued to sample these!

I also wanted a beauty calendar but they’re all so expensive and I couldn’t afford to spend much so I decided on this bargain from Wilkos which contains lots of different nail accessories for only £5. All the fun of a beauty calendar without the price tag!

My boyfriend and I also partake in an advent calendar together- a couple of years ago we purchased this DIY advent calendar from the Disney store. We each take 12 boxes and fill them for each other. I like to open the even numbers as it means I can open on Christmas eve but it also means I don’t go first (you can’t have it all after all!). It’s always so much fun and a really cute way to ensure we see each other everyday to open our box! I’ve been dropping (not so subtle) hints about some things that would fit perfectly into the box so we shall see if he managed to decipher the message!

What have you lovely beauty lovers got in store to help you count down to Christmas?

Have a fab December everyone!

Thank you so much for reading!

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