Feeling festive 

In case you didn’t know already I lovee Christmas! It’s the only thing that makes me bear the cold weather and it gives me something to look forward too the moment the warm weather disappears and the nights get longer.

I absolutely love the build up to Christmas – putting up the tree, Christmas markets, Christmas songs everywhere, buying gifts, watching Christmas films, eating and drinking festive food and drink I love it all so December is such a fabulous month for me.

As soon as we start putting the tree up and get the christmas CD on the festivities begin for me. My Mum, sister and I always put the tree up together. As you can see we don’t follow a colour scheme our tree is totally random. My sister and I have been collecting bauballs since we were tiny and every year my Mum would buy us a new one so we now have a very vast collection between us for us to take to our own homes when we move out which I personally think is lovely idea.

I love that our tree is a random mix of colour and character and wouldn’t change it. Not that I dislike colour schemes I think every tree is gorgeous! I also have a little pink tree for my bedroom which has mostly Disney and New York related bauballs on.

So far I’ve had lots of Christmas meals, drinks, fuddles and Christmas market trips so for me the festivities are well under way.

With only 11 sleeps to go I am pleased to say I have mostly finished my Christmas shopping so all that is left to do is stick on a Christmas film – my faves are Elf and Arthur Christmas – and have a wrapping session!

What are your Christmas traditions? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Feeling festive 

  1. Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year too <3. My dad decorates the outside of the house, while my mom decorates the inside and I always decorate the tree. Since I bought the tree this year, I decided to buy a second one, per our old tradition of buying two trees every year until hard times hit and we couldn't always afford it.

    Jasmine |

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