New Years Eve Effortless Eye Look | NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow

NYE is tomorrow already I can’t quite believe how fast time is going! As with Christmas I always make sure my NYE makeup involves glitter of some description.

This NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow in Bedroom Eyes is the perfect answer for a quick and effortless yet effective a festive eye look that doesn’t involve multiple colours for a smokey eye effect!


Its a gorgeous bronze colour that is the right amount of glittery without being over the top.


It applies lovely and it’s really pigmented so you only need a couple of applications to get a great coverage. There’s next to no fall out and it lasts all night!

Sweep it all over the lid and into the crease using a brush like the Real Techniques base shadow brush and the crease brush. Then using a smaller pointed brush like the RT brow brush line the shadow under your bottom lashes to really frame the eyes. Easy peasy!

It’s an especially handy look for those of you who are rushed for time or, like me, always think I’ve got ages to get ready so start leisurely and end up rushing and running out of time!!

Team with a dark lip for a dramatic vampy look or a simple nude colour if you want your attention to be on the eyes! I’ll be wearing a dark purple on my lips tomorrow!

If you’ve got loads of time add a black winged liquid eyeliner over the top.

This shadow comes in a silver and monochrome pot with a cute little bow to aid in opening it. As you don’t need much this little pot will last for ages!

You can get this on for next day delivery in to your local store for pick up at a great price of £5.00.

What look are you going for this NYE? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017

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