Mani Monday – NAILS INC Gel Effects Nail Polish

Monday has rolled round once again so I thought I’d make it more exciting with a Mani Monday post!

I’m not sure whether this will be a permanent feature but it should force me to paint my nails more (which I always forget to do) so hopefully it will be!

Today I’m reviewing the NAILS INC Gel Effects in Old Burlington Street, a deep navy blue.


I got this in my Love Me Beauty December box which you can see here . However I can’t seem to find where to buy this anywhere?! It’s all sold out on the NAILS INC website, Look Fantastic and House of Fraser!

It seems it was limited edition along with a few others they had of the range of similar shades their names of which were as usual inspired by popular London areas/roads.

It is such a gorgeous colour that’s perfect for cold wintery months.

This is meant have an extra wide brush for one stroke application but it did take two for me. It did go on nice and smooth though and the drying time was short for such a polish.


It’s finish is very shiny like the gel effect you would expect from the salon. The lasting power however was disappointing as it chipped at the edges the next day and after two days it started to chip bigger. I had to take it off on day 3 as chipped dark polish just looks hideous!

I would never pay the £14 they ask for this as it’s definitely not worth the money however I did like getting it into my Love me Beauty box.

Have you tried this or any of the Gel Effects by NAILS INC? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017


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9 thoughts on “Mani Monday – NAILS INC Gel Effects Nail Polish

  1. I feel that these gel effect polishes are a money grab! None of the ones I’ve tried / read about seem to perfume any better than regular polishes (with a good base / top coats) but the gel effect ones are always few dollars more expensive. I like the Nails Inc regular polishes just fine – I’ll stick to the regular polishes! (this shade is really gorgeous though)

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