Budget Makeup Fixing Spray – Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

Makeup revolution oil control fixing spray

Since I’ve started using this product, I’m wondering how I ever lived without it! This product is amazing and really does it’s job. I’ve never used a fixing spray before as they were always expensive so when I discovered this at £5 I was over the moon.

I do suffer from oily skin and always fix my makeup with powder in the morning but it stills finds a way to creep through throughout the day. But not with this little wonder!

This literally fixes my makeup over a long day at work and keeps my skin nice and matte.

You literally spray it over your face from about half an arms length away – I spray the top half and the bottom half and leave to dry for about a whole second then you’re good to go!

I highly recommend this for anyone on a budget as its such a purse friendly price and does a superb job. Who needs the high end fixing sprays?!

Has anyone else found any budget fixing sprays that are good? Let me know in the comments!

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