Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Mini Lipstick Charms

So I got these little cuties for Christmas and I initially thought they were just a Christmas thing but turns out you can still buy them!

You can three mini Kissing lipsticks in tiny charm form with a lovely bow on the end of each and they all fit snugly into this little match stick style box.

The colours you get are Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn.

charlotte tilbury lipstick charms

First of all, these charms are super super cute. However, I did expect them to be bigger than this, maybe double the size, considering they are priced at £29. That’s just shy of £10 per lipstick, so you’d expect it to be half the size of a normal lipstick which costs over £20.

charlotte tilbury lipstick charms colours

Another qualm I have with these is that the colours are not very varied. You get a bright red which is lovely and rightly named So Marilyn, a very light pink named Bitch Perfect and a nude colour which is funnily enough named Penelope Pink.

charlotte tilbury lipstick charms swatches

The nude and the pink are so similar I can barely tell them apart so I would have loved a different variant in the choice instead.

charlotte tilbury lipstick charms names

The lipsticks performance is a smooth application with a semi-matte finish so they aren’t drying on the lips.

These charms are a great way to try out the CT lipsticks if you’re unsure to commit to one colour and the size means they can slot into even the tiniest of handbags. Although I will be scared of losing it in mine!

All in all I do think they are a rip off and the colours could be more varied but they are cute and so pretty and the lipsticks performance is superb.

Have you had these lipstick charms? What did you think? Let me know below!

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