Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

Lush is a brand that I am becoming (ok have become) obsessed with and I am beginning to try out products from all of their categories. I have had a love hate relationship with the hair products I have tried so I was so happy to find that I loved this product!

Damaged is a hot oil treatment for the hair when it needs a little TLC. The description says replenish your hair with vanilla and avocado.  It comes in a little hexagon shape on a wooden stick. Very unusual right!

lush damaged

So the instructions for this are you place it in a container (they recommend an empty black Lush pot but I used a mug) and boil some water. Add little amounts of water and stir it gently (basically swirl the stick around).

Keep adding water until you are left with just a stick. This takes around 5 minutes and eventually your treatment begins to thicken up and look really creamy.

lush damaged hot oil

It’s quite a surreal experience making a conditioner with water in a mug! You then apply this to DRY hair which I was a bit surprised about at first!

This little guy makes SO much conditioner my hair was absolutely saturated with it. Be careful it will still be a little hot and do this in your bathroom as a little does spill as there’s so much of it!

I made sure everywhere was covered and then some! It doesn’t say you should wrap your hair in cling film but the assistant in the store recommended this as it helps keep it warm and is more intense.

You then leave this on for 20 minutes before rinsing off and shampooing as usual. I popped on my Mask of Magnaminty and had a soak in the bath for 20 minutes! (you can imagine what a sight I looked with a bright green face and cling filmed hair!! attractive, not!)

After I washed it off and styled my hair as usual I could instantly see and feel the difference – my hair felt super soft and hydrated and smooth and silky it was amazing! My hair rarely feels like this even straight after washing so I know it did a great job!

This little guy is only £6.50 which seems steep for one treatment, it is definitely worth it even just to do it once a month because you get SO much of it and it leaves hair feeling amazing! I will definitely get one of these once a month.

Have you tried this or any of the other hair treatments? Let me know below!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017


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17 thoughts on “Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

    1. Yeah I don’t know why it’s called oil because it isn’t oily at all! It was just like a lovely creamy conditioner! No residue whatsoever – it helps that you do it before you shampoo as well so it’s all washed out! It left my hair feeling really soft and repaired! Thanks Hun thanks for readinf! 🙂 xx

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  1. This is one Lush product that I haven’t tried yet, I think it’s going to quickly become a monthly essential for me too… Just got to convince the boyf in helping me do it! if it works out I will be using it for before my wedding not officially booked yet but my hair needs all the help it can get lol

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    1. Wow there’s actually a lush product you haven’t tried 😉 aw it’s super easy, just lather it on everywhere there’s no technique! And it’s another excuse to lounge in the bath for 20 minutes! Definitely it left my hair feeling amazing and silky smooth!! 😊 eek exciting times!! 😃

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