Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish Review

Happy Mani Monday lovelies! New launches from Barry M get me very excited and they are usually so popular so when I went into Boots to see what they had I could only get two colours at the time.

These coconut infused polishes have super summery names and the design of the bottle is every bloggers dream! I’ve given these a good go with a few applications  before coming to review them.

barry m coconut infusion

I got the shades Laguna which is the blue one and Starfish which is the nude shade.

Now I’m not sure if I am the only one in the world that thinks this, but when I hear a brand say that their nail polish will be long lasting, I expect it to be just that. Is that wrong me of me to assume they’re telling the truth?!

Barry M say that no base coat is required for these polishes, and a top coat can be added if desired but isn’t necessary. They claim that the coconut oil in the polish hydrates and nourishes nails and creates a glossy finish.

Out of those 3 claims, I can say that only 1 of them is true. I tried these polishes on their own, with a base coat, and with a base coat and a top coat.

These lasted me no longer than 2 days. Each time I applied it, the following day it had chipped and by the next day it was so chipped I couldn’t stand it any more. Now this didn’t just happen once, it happened every time I applied it out of my 6 tries with these.

Now this is fine if you want something to last for one event and you can remove it again, but I really expect nail polishes that claim to be long lasting to actually last more than 2 days!

barry m coconut infusion colour laguna.jpeg

They dried quickly which is a bonus and they do have a nice shine to them so you don’t need a top coat to create the shine as it is already there.

barry m coconut infusion colour starfish

With regard to the nourishing element, my nails felt or looked no different and I was still left with dry patches upon removal which is no change from other polishes.

The colours are nice and summery and the names of the shades are super cute but at £4.99 each there is no advantage of getting these over others as they just chip so quickly!

I will continue to use these if I need a quick fix polish as they do dry quickly with a glossy shine but if I need something long lasting I wouldn’t reach for these.

So to sum up: 


  • Dries quickly
  • Glossy shine finish


  • Don’t last longer than 2 days without chipping
  • No more nourishing that other polishes

What have you guys found with these? Do you agree with me? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017


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12 thoughts on “Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish Review

  1. I was going to pick a couple of these up next week, might not now… When I first see them I thought how random are Barry M being?! COCONUT?! I used to love painting my nails with Barry M, not so good at it any more as no grip but all the ones I used to use lasted a little longer than 2 days, long lasting… Really? do they smell different lol?


  2. So gimmicky! Too bad they chipped so quickly too. I hate it when companies try to spin something, charges more for them and they don’t deliver! I do like both shades you picked up though – really pretty.


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