ColourPop Black Friday Haul 

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I finally own something from ColourPop! I have always wanted to have their liquid lipsticks in my possession but their usual offers are free international shipping over $50 and that attracts a lot of customs fees on top of an already expensive order.

So on Black Friday when they offered free international delivery on every single order I jumped at the chance and placed my order ASAP. If your order is under £15 then you won’t be hit with any customs charges, so I placed one for $17 which is around £15ish (cba to work it out) which consisted of two lip colours and one eye shadow.

It isn’t a huge haul but I am still so excited to finally have these so I thought I would share them with you!

I was SO excited when it arrived a very short time after ordering, maybe only a week or so?! To say it came all the way from the US of A I was very impressed at the speed of delivery.

How gorgeous is the packaging it comes in?! I don’t want to throw it away!


ColourPop make it so easy to shop with them as they include swatches for almost every colour on three different skin tones so you don’t have to google swatches separately.

After much deliberation I decided on the Ultra Metallic Lip in Kween, Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble and the Ultra Shock Eye Shadow in La La.

It also comes with a handy guide on the best way to apply all of their products!


Kween is a burnt red with specs of gold glitter in a Metallic finish and it is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve wanted to get my hands on a metallic finish offering since they were launched so I had to include this in my order!

Bumble is a dusty warm terracotta and the perfect autumn/winter colour. This takes a while to dry matte which makes it easy to apply as you have time to get it right.

La La is a rose gold in an Ultra Metallic Finish. Rose gold. Need I say more?! This is a gorgeous colour and I cannot wait to start using it!


Have you tried any of these from ColourPop? I’d love to know your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading ♥

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22 thoughts on “ColourPop Black Friday Haul 

  1. I also ordered on Black Friday – the $42 hello kitty set, I was really lucky & missed customs too 😃 I also ordered the mystery bag last week as well, still waiting for that but when it gets here I will do. Blog post too. Great choices btw !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You got lovely colours and showed a lot of restraint!
    ColourPop still remains elusive to me! I *almost* got some during Black Friday for the free international shipping… maybe I will get something during post Christmas sales!
    PS. I love your festive blog header! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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