LUSH Valentines Haul

Valentines Day is just around the corner so I thought I would share with you my recent haul from the LUSH valentines collection.

Each seasonal launch from LUSH is highly anticipated in the blogosphere and the valentines range did not disappoint.

I picked up my old faves that I was so glad were bought back (not that I’m a creature of habit or anything) and found a newbie too!


First up is Prince Charming Shower Crรจme. This smells so divine and I would have been so upset if this hadn’t have returned to the collection!ย I adore the description of this on the LUSH website:

Whether youโ€™re awaking from a particularly long slumber or prepping for the ball of the century, sweet marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion will sweep you off your feet. And who needs a shoe as a souvenir? Invigorating fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil will linger on skin for longer than any glass slipper could last.

The colour is beautiful and it creates the most gorgeous deep pink bubbles. My only qualm with this is you need to use a lot to get a decent amount of bubbles and I end up with pink streaks all over my shower! I’m sure last year it was a lot bubblier! Perhaps I got a bad batch?! It’s worth it though, the pomegranate and grapefruit coupled with vanilla and marshmallow is so so good.

Next up is The Kiss Lip Scrub. Another gem from last year that I needed in my life again as it smells, and tastes, (LUSH actually confirmed you can eat these, so it’s all good) a-may-zing. As an extra cute bonus it has red edible hearts and pink glimmer lustreย which really setsย itย apart from the standard lip scrubs and I love it. ย It tastes like sweet candy. Need I say more?

Another fave of mine from this collection is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Again this has another witty description on the website:

Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they’re not (don’t worry they definitely are) you won’t mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.

It smells so good and relaxing and the colours are just so pretty. It is the epitome of unicorns and I can’t get enough of this!

Last but by no means least is a newbie from this years collection, the Cupids Bath Bomb. This little cutie is a baby pink heart with a deeper pink arrow each side. It boasts floralsย scents of calming rose and bergamot and violet leaf. It fizzes away leaving streams of pink.

The only other thing I wish I picked up was the Lover Lamp bath bomb but they didn’t have any in my local when I shopped for my haul so I will have to make another trip before they all go! I also wasn’t fussed by any other new releases they did apart from Cupid.

Have you made a Lush Valentines haul? What did you get? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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38 thoughts on “LUSH Valentines Haul

      1. I suppose it’s less of a problem with Lush stuff, and more of a problem with the fact I don’t really like baths. On the rare occassion I actually have a bath, I then just think about all the money I just threw in the bath to make it blue and glittery.
        I did use one in November and it was still okay, but I will crumble some in the sink the next time I use one to make sure that they’ve not gone weird before I potentially mess up a whole bath!


        1. Haha fair enough it does make sense, i find them so relaxing and a lovely treat! it is expensive though!


  1. I am a Lush addict at any time of the year but I go crazy with the seasonal releases. I had Prince Charming and Unicorn Horn last year – both dreamy. I have repurchased (obvs) and got a few more from the collection this year ๐Ÿ™Š My fave so far is Cupid; it’s absolutely adorable and I even bought one for my daughter to give her on Valentines too! She’s inheriting my Lush addiction at an early age!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here every time they’re amazing! I’m so glad they’re back this year! Aww that’s soo cute! Cupid is really cute you can’t beat bathing in a pink bath! not a bath thing to inherit ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx


  2. I love lush but nothing can beat Snow Fairy for me! I’m on my final bottle of it now. They do smash it with their limited collections every time though don’t they! Will have to pop down when I’m in town tomorrow. xxx


    1. No Snow Fairy is the ultimate for me too! Every time they knock it out the park! definitely worth checking out it does smell so good! xxx


    1. It is lovely isn’t it, not the most exciting but very pleasant and you can’t beat a pink bath! yes definitely try it it smells so good!! xx


  3. I really liked the Lover lamp bath bomb from the range, it fills your bath with little love hearts! Also it’s white so there’s no lush bath stainage!! I’ve never tried the lush lip scrub but I think I’m going to give the new Mac one a try! Xxx


    1. I really wish I’d picked it up I need to make a trip this week! I couldn’t live without the lip scrub honestly, and Lush is cheaper than MAC I’d go there first! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh really what do you like to use in the bath? there are so many other great bath products out there tbf, I think Lush just makes me happy cos they do cool quirky things that smell amazing! it is expensive though. the lip scrub is the cheapest one on the market that actually works and lasts well, definitely try it!! xxx


  4. Absolutely loved this post!!! I also adore lush and this valentines day they’ve really got some good things. Maybe they should come out with a shower jelly for valentines day? what do you think? xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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