That Chloé Bag Dupe Everyone’s Talking About

Designer bags are highly coveted and, to me especially, are a luxury. So whenever a high street shop bring out a dupe of a more expensive bag I can’t resist getting my hands on it.

Obviously the quality won’t quite be the same, but when it looks similar for around 10% of the designer price, I personally don’t mind skimping on this aspect.

Chloé is a very high priced brand with their Faye Shoulder Bags coming in at over £1000 but you can get a very similar version from an inexpensive high street brand.

Keep reading to find out where!

You can get a dupe of the black Faye Shoulder Bag for a measly £16 from none other than Matalan!

The bag has a long shoulder strap, a faux leather body and a  faux suede flap-over closure.

The closure boasts the signature silver ring and shuts with a popper mechanism that can’t be seen when the bag is shut with leather detailing over the suede.

The size is large enough for most of your essentials boasting quite a large space including an inside zip pocket.

Khaki maxi coat – Primark, no longer available, Black Heeled Boots – Primark, No longer available

To me it feels nice and sturdy for a high street product and it holds it shape nicely.

The bag is perfect for day trips requiring less baggage, or if you’re out for a meal or even drinks out.

I tend to take a lot of (probably unnecessary) things with my in my handbag and even I can fit my essentials in here when I need to downsize.

As it’s black it goes with absolutely everything, you can’t go wrong! A staple accessory that can take you through the transition into Spring.

You can buy the bag online from Matalan (not sponsored, I paid for this product).

What do you think to this dupe? Have you got your hands on the bag? I’d love to know your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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21 thoughts on “That Chloé Bag Dupe Everyone’s Talking About

    1. Thanks lovely, my coat is from Primark was £10 in the sale before Xmas! Ooh that is a lovely dupe too i love that colour!! Such a good price too! I want that phone case as well! Xx

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  1. That’s a really lovely handbag. I could never, ever justify spending more than £50 or so on a bag, plus my tastes change so often that I’m always happy to find budget alternatives.

    Liked by 1 person

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