Makeup Remover Cloths | W7 vs Primark 

Makeup Remover Cloths seem to be the latest trend in makeup removal as they are designed to remove your makeup with only water, no cleanser needed.

Obviously I was intrigued by how well they worked, so when Rachel over at Helpless Whilst Drying reviewed the W7 cloth I picked it up when we were shopping on her recommendation.

The next day in Primark I saw their version so picked this up too to see how the two compared.

These two versions are by no means the leading name in makeup remover cloths but both brands have created affordable alternatives.

I’ve given them both a good run and I am ready to give them a thorough review!

Makeup Remover Clothes W7 and Primark.jpg


The W7 It’s Magic Makeup Remover Cloth is priced at £3.99 from TK Maxx and the Primark Makeup Remover Cloth is £1.50. There is a significant difference there when you consider you can get three of the Primark clothes for 50p more than one W7 cloth.

I was very surprised to see one of these in Primark, they are seriously killing it in the beauty game right now! The W7 may be less easy to get hold on everywhere as not all TK Maxx’s will stock it.


Both come in a plastic box. The W7 cloth has more eye catching branding and the cloth comes wrapped in a plastic bag, much more hygienic.

W7 Makeup Remover Cloth

Whereas the Primark cloth is housed in a clear box with branded cardboard supporting it.

Primark Makeup Remover Cloth


Both cloths recommend washing before use (which I would have done anyway) then wetting with warm water before wiping your face to remove makeup. No cleanser needed! You can leave it to dry for the next day, I keep using mine until the other one has come out the wash, I’d say about three days.


These are super soft and feel really kind on the skin. I found these worked really well to remove makeup. You can see the remnants on the cloth and if you rinse it out and go in again you can see there is no more makeup to remove.

W7 and Primark Makeup Remover Cloths

They are much softer than using a flannel and make quick work of removing makeup. It is a much quicker process than my usual method of using cotton pads and micellar water and I don’t dread the makeup removal process as much anymore as I know this is a quick and easy way to do it!

Lasting Power

Both of these wash really well and have kept their integrity every time, however I noticed the Primark cloth is slightly more bobbly than the W7 cloth.

W7 vs Primark

So which one wins? I would say the W7 cloth is slightly bigger and feels softer and of nicer quality than the Primark cloth.

Whilst the Primark cloth is cheaper and doesn’t break the bank to stock up on a few, I think I would rather get another W7 cloth, but I wouldn’t be too fussed either way as they both do the job.

Have you tried any makeup remover cloths? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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30 thoughts on “Makeup Remover Cloths | W7 vs Primark 

    1. I didn’t have waterproof mascara on but it removed normal mascara. I had a matte foundation on and contour and blush etc. you could use it with a cream cleanser for the extra kick but they are just so soft and they do remove every trace xx

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  1. I keep meaning to get the W7 one but haven’t yet. I didn’t realise Primark did their own version, they really do seem to end doing so many different beauty products now. Interesting to see how they compare, I think I’ll go with the W7 first as it does sound better and things going bobbly quick always annoys me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These sound so good! I am a little skeptical because i feel like just water sounds like it wouldn’t pull off stubborn make up, but I think there must be more to them I’m sure. They do sound good though so I might have to pick one up if i see it in Primark when i am shopping. x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve never really thought about using one of these as I could never really see the difference between that and a flannel. (Besides, I’m rubbish at taking my makeup off). I have loved everything from Primark I’ve used for far though so I might be tempted to give it ago.


  4. Primark really are stepping up what they stock aren’t they! I saw them selling straighteners the other day!
    I have the original makeup eraser to try, think I might try it and film a first impressions video. Great write up as always Soph xxx


  5. I’m going to pick one of these up myself now. Ill check TK Maxx before Primark for the W7 one first. I am very intrigued to see how it works removing eye makeup as I always struggle to remove every last bit of it even with my beloved Micellar water. Great post!
    Sherry x

    Liked by 2 people

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