Nip + Fab do makeup?! | Nip + Fab Highlight Palette Swatched and Reviewed

My first thought when I heard that the skin care brand Nip + Fab were branching into makeup was surprise at first, closely followed by major intrigue.

The skincare products by Nip + Fab are great quality and affordable so I was hoping the same principles would be carried into their makeup range.

I was eager to try something and thought I would go for the Highlight Palette. Keep reading for swatches and a review!

N ip + Fab Highlight Palette.jpeg


The Highlight Palette has six highlighting shades in round pans. The packaging is plastic with a black base and a clear lid adorned with the Nip + Fab logo in white. It is quite lightweight as it’s plastic making it handy for travel, although maybe not size wise!

There is a huge mix of shades there is one to suit every makeup look.


The shades swatched really well and felt like butter on my fingers. When I went to use it with my fan brush there was a fair bit of kick up and the powder went everywhere, but when you apply it to your cheeks it feels buttery and soft and blends out fine.

The colours are so pigmented and have a beautiful shimmer to them rather than glitter particles and are really smooth.

Nip + Fab Highlighter Palette.jpeg


The highlight on your cheeks is on point, you will be glowing all day with these babies they stay put even after a long day at work! The colours also work really well mixed together, I’ve been using two together to create a perfect highlight.


The shades on the top row from left to right are named Selfie, Champagne and Golden.

Nip and Fab Highlight Palette

Along the bottom from left to right are Sunbeam, Rose Gold and Sunkissed.

Nip + Fab Highlight Palette Swatches.jpeg

Swatches left to right: Sunkissed a seriously beautiful bronze, Rose Gold which speaks for itself, Sunbeam a golden bronze, Golden which is more of a yellow gold, Champagne which again speaks for itself and Selfie which is a frosted white gold colour.


This is a beautiful palette which provides highlight for days as it is so glowy and long lasting! I think it’s a tad on the expensive side but for a good quality drugstore highlight palette with versatile and long lasting options I would say it’s worth it.


The Nip + Fab Highlight Palette is available for £15 from Superdrug, currently on offer for £13.

The rest of the range includes an eyeshadow palette and liquid lipsticks which are the next things on my  list to get my hands on!

Have you tried anything from the new range yet? I would love to know your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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Signature Photo March 2017


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15 thoughts on “Nip + Fab do makeup?! | Nip + Fab Highlight Palette Swatched and Reviewed

  1. Ooooh that’s so gorgeous! I keep planning a huge order of their entire makeup range and hesitating haha. I agree, it’s a bit overpriced for drugstore. Those swatches are gorgeous though xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it is slightly overpriced but very good I was impressed! they are beautiful colours I want the eyeshadow palette next! xo


  2. So neat that Nip & Fab is starting to do makeup. I only learned recently that Rodial also makes makeup (Rodial owns Nip & Fab). I prefer less shiny bronzers but the highlighters look really pretty – very smooth and not glitter-bomb. 😛 I suppose you could use those bronzey shades as eye shadows.

    Liked by 1 person

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