Urban Decay Heat Vice Lipstick in Fuel Review and Swatched 

The Heat launch from Urban Decay caused much commotion and has been highly raved about in the bloggersphere.

The Naked Heat Palette has been at the forefront of the hype, but I haven’t seen much about the other products in the launch – the lipsticks and the eye liners.

There were three lipstick shades in the Heat range, all three Vice. I loved the packaging of them so I knew I needed one in my collection to go with my prized palette.

Two were metallic which is a finish that I don’t wear very often, so I went for the only one in the collection with a Cream finish in the shade Fuel.

Urban Decay Vice Heat Lipstick in Fuel.jpeg

The packaging of the Vice Lipsticks is reminiscent of the Naked Heat Palette – burnt and fiery orange with gold raised lettering.

Urban Decay Vice Heat Fuel.jpeg

The bullet casing is a gorgeous bronze copper which pulls off to reveal a gold tube, both imprinted with the brand logo.

Fuel Vice Urban Decay.jpeg

Fuel is a warm peachy nude cream and matches the shades from the Heat Palette perfectly.

Urban Decay Vice Heat Fuel Swatch

The Vice Heat collection was made to compliment the Palette but Fuel will definitely go with everything and anything. It’s such an easy to wear nude and the peachy tones give it just that little bit more.

Urban Decay Vice Heat Lipstick Fuel.jpeg

The pigmentation is amazing from first swipe and it applies beautifully to the lips.

Urban Decay Heat Range Lipstick in Fuel.jpeg

It glides on with no pulling and leaves the lips feeling moisturised and soft as the formula contains Vitamin C  and E.

Urban Decay Vice Fuel

These are the same price as the other Vice Lipsticks at £15.50 each which in my opinion is worth it for a comfortable, pigmented and good quality lipstick.

Have you tried any of the Vice lipsticks from the Heat range? What did you think? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017

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