A little Beauty Bay haul ft. Morphe Pigment

Emails from brands are a dangerous thing, aren’t they? You’re not actively browsing online (which is often a victory in itself) and all of a sudden, BAM, ping goes your inbox and low and behold you’re being showcased the latest pretty releases you know you can’t resist.

When a Beauty Bay email popped up, I couldn’t resist a particular Morphe Pigment colour. I closed it down and tried to forget but I just couldn’t get it out my head so I knew I needed it.

As pathetic as it sounds for one colour pigment, it was a mixture of wanting to try a Morphe pigment full stop and falling in love with the colour.

And so a little haul accidentally on purpose happened because lets face it, you have to make the price up to the free delivery threshold, it’s like rule 101 of online shopping, and it arrived not long after.

Beauty Bay Haul Sophie in Wonderland

Alongside the Morphe Pressed Pigment in Gossip Gurl* (amazing name right) I decided on a Morphe Standard Individual Eye Shadow in Caffe Mocchiato* (again, fabulously named) to go with it as a crease shade, cos I needed more brown shadows didn’t I..

In my defence I had also never tried a Morphe Individual Eye Shadow and decided now was a good opportunity and justified it by getting them to “go together” (spoken like a true shopaholic).

Morphe Press Pigment Gossip Gurl

Gossip Gurl is a deep raspberry pink metallic and the pigmentation is incredible! You can use this with a dry brush or dampen it for a more intense metallic.

Morphe Individual Eye Shadow Caffe Mocchiato.jpeg

Caffe Mocchiato is a matte cool toned tan brown which is perfect for the crease. These fit into empty magnetic palettes so you can build your own. For a matte, the pigmentation is good and it blends really well.

The Pressed Pigments are £6.00 and the Individual Eye Shadows are £4.50 each which is at a slightly cheaper price point than Makeup Geek.

Beauty Bay Haul.jpeg

I also purchased a Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist for £11.25 for 30ml. It’s designed to set makeup and refresh your skin throughout the day whilst protecting against the sun by using SPF50. I was very intrigued to try it!

Beauty Bay Haul Sophie in Wonderland xo.jpeg

I knew it would come in handy with me moving to the Bahamas as anything to refresh my face whilst adding SPF is a definite bonus. It’s a US brand and only available in the UK through Beauty Bay.

Have you tried any of these products yet? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017

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