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Birchbox products upate

So I’ve had the Birchbox for July (well technically the Birchbag that month) and the August box and have now had a chance to use a few of the products already and thought I would do an update post and share my thoughts on the products I’ve tried.

July Box

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum


I had high hopes for this product as it claims to balance the skin of spots and blocked pores whilst being 99% natural. A full size 15ml product retails at £16 so for this price I was hoping it would be good.

I have used it religiously for the past month on my chin only as this is my problem area and I have to say I do think its made a difference! The tiny 7ml tube has lasted a long time (although it’s nearly finished now, as you can see in the photo, Boo!) to say I have applied it pretty much twice a day every day.

My chin has still suffered a lot of breakouts, but the tiny little annoying spots that never seem to disappear have actually disappeared and when it isn’t covered in breakouts its overall appearance is somewhat smoother.

I don’t think this is a cure for acne type spots but it has smoothed out my skin.

Not to mention that it smells really nice!

I probably wouldn’t repurchase this due to its expensive price, if it was less than £8ish I probably would but I feel £16 is far too steep. I may ask for it for my birthday though!

Pop Beauty Bright up your Life Eye Shadow Trio in Peach Parfait

I used this for the first time the other day when I went to a party and I’m so glad I didn’t use it in the day because its very metallic! It is definitely a night time shadow.

I experienced quite a bit of fall out but it was fairly pigmented and you don’t need much of it to create a good effect.

Although when I put it on my brush so much came off as you can see in the photo the left colour looks trashed already after only one use.

The colours look even brighter on the skin than they do in the packaging which I was a little disappointed about as I love the colours how they look in the pan, but it is called Bright up your Life so I can’t really quibble that!

It has good staying power and lasted me a long night of boogying! (I went out at 7pm and got back at 5am oops)

It isnt very versatile (I prefer nude matte colours) but it’s nice if it goes with your outfit and you like bright metallic shades. Luckily I wore a coral dress when I went out so it went with my outfit quite nicely.

August Box

Rituals Fortune Scrub Sweet Orange and Cedar 

Rituals Fortune Body Scrub

I’m not normally a fan of body scrubs (usually as I forget to use them as often as I should) but I was going to fake tan so I thought there was no better time to give this a go and I’m so glad I did.

For starters it smells divine! I would use it again for this reason alone! It also goes on so nicely, the scrub particles are very small unlike a lot of scrubs I’ve used so it went on so easily and smoothly. A little went a long way as well which isn’t usually the case with scrubs.

The orange smell makes it feel so fresh on your skin too.

At £10 for 150ml (the sample size was 70ml) I probably won’t repurchase it as I would rather spend £10 elsewhere and get a cheaper scrub but wouldn’t mind if this was given to me as a present as it smells so nice!

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo

I was glad I got this as my hair was ready for a bit of a detox. It says to use it once or twice a month and to apply a generous amount and repeat this.

My hair is so thick so I usually need more than a generous amount, but I was surprised with this shampoo as a little amount went a long way and even when I repeated it had already done a good job the first time round as it bubbled up straight away which means it was pretty much already clean!

It smells of nothing much which you would expect for a clarifying shampoo as the point is you don’t want anything being left behind.

I’ve probably got one more application left in my little sample bottle which is 50ml.

I might repurchase this if my hair was in dire need but at £13.95 for 250ml I would probably try and find a cheaper alternative.

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Success Overnight Spot Minimizing Patches 

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Success Spot Minimizing Patches

As you can probably already tell by my constant moaning, I suffer a lot of blemishes! I try the best I can to wash my brushes every week, take all my makeup off properly and thoroughly and make sure I moisturise so as not to dry it out yet nothing I do seems to keep them at bay.

SO you can imagine my excitement when these came in my box, claiming to minimise spots overnight! I had a spot already so I tried it that same day I received my box after removing my makeup and washing my face.

When I woke up I was very disappointed to see the spot was still the same size. So that night I put on my go to spot treatment (an Asda £1.50 lifesaver, blog post coming soon) and when that had dried I put the patch over it. Low and behold the next morning it was reduced!

I don’t know if this is due to the spot treatment alone or a combination of both but I have since used this technique again a few times and it works like a charm.

I like the fact that my spot is covered overnight and protected as it means that when I toss and turn in bed (which I do a lot) I won’t rub off the treatment or get any bacteria on it or generally catch it or get it dirty!

So I will definitely be re-purchasing these!

As far as I can tell you can only buy them from the Birchbox website for £2.95 for 21 patches which I think is a very good price. I hope they start to bring them out in more places as I think they are only in America at the moment. If anyone else knows where to get these from please let me know!

The Balm Desert Bronzer 

The Balm Bronzer

So initially I was a tad annoyed at how small the sample was as I didn’t think I’d even get much on my brush, but boy was I wrong! This stuff is soo pigmented you only need the teensiest bit to achieve a good glow!

It goes on very full so you literally need a tiny bit of dusting on your brush to get a nice bronzed look.

The Balm Bronzer

I am impressed with this little number however I don’t think I will purchase full size just because of how expensive it is at £15.

I haven’t as of yet had a chance to use anymore of the products I got from either of the Birchboxes.

I love how Birchbox gives you a chance to try high end products for a little price and its exciting every month opening the box to see what you’ve got.

What did you all think to your recent Birchbox products? Let me know in the comments!

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