Intu Victoria Centre Autumn Winter Fashion Event

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to the Autumn Winter Fashion Event held at Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

If you didn’t know or don’t have one in your city, Intu are a brand (I think?) of shopping centres throughout the UK and hold events and shows at each centre they have. They’re pretty cool as they run fun events and have done up each centre to look so modern and fresh.

I received the email invite the day before the event  (a tad last minute, but I was chuffed none the less) and due to the short notice I had to go by myself like Billy No Mates as my (2) friends were busy.

And its a good job too as I was in Birmingham on a (boring) finance course for work which overran so I missed my train and only got there with 15 minutes to spare.

So who was at the event? Well John Lewis held a fashion show with their autumn fashion picks and I am in love with all the jumpers and skirt combos, oversized scarves, autumnal dresses and coats.


A fab friendly promoter showed me round when I got there so it was like having my own private little tour which was so good of her! All of the clothes were displayed on beautiful autumnal tree and leaf displays.

select at intu victoria centre fashion event.jpg

Boots had stands for Liz Earle and Benefit there and by the time I got there only Benefit was still set up. When the lovely Benefit man Lee learned why I’d been so late he immediately sat me down and talked me through all their fab brow products and gave me a demo.

He was so lovely and knowledgeable and we talked about our fave Benefit products and our shared love for Goof Proof and Porefessional Primer.

benefit eyebrows at intu victoria centre autumn fashion event.jpeg

Sorry for the shit hair, I’d been up since 5am on a course all day and didn’t have time in front of a mirror to sort it out! I didn’t even have time when I got there to take my coat off! 

He showed me how to properly use Gimme Brow as I said I couldn’t get on with it and the way he applied it was amazing – I can’t wait to have a play and try to recreate the technique! Let me know if you guys would like a blog post on that!

benefit eyebrows at intu victoria centre event.jpeg

Lee applying the Benefit Primer to my brows before working Gimme Brow into my unruly brows! 

He showed me their eyebrow primer and explained the amazing benefits of and it sounds fab, I’d not heard of that before!

I came away with amazing looking brows and a booklet with all their Christmas gifts in, so exciting!


Sadly I was too late to make the flower crowns but one of the wonderfully kind PR promoters gave me hers! I feel so bad that I can’t remember your name but thank you!

flower crown intu victoria centre fashion event.jpeg

I also received this cute goodie bag which came in this tote bag from Sostrene Greene which is a new shop to the centre. They are a worldwide home store (think Tiger, but more homey!) and it’s really well priced.

sostrene greenes intu victoria fashion event.jpg

Inside was a cute storage jar containing sweetie rock, a pink candle  (its like they know me) a little trinket box and some water in a box!

sostrene greenes intu victoria centre fashion event.jpg

Sadly again I had missed the food!! The new thai restaurant to the centre, Thaikun, provided nibbles but I was too late for any, gutted! But I have been to the restaurant before and can vouch that they do good thai street style food in an authentic setting- if you live in Nottingham and like Thai pay them a visit upstairs in the clock tower dining!

So even though I was only there for 15 minutes it was so nice to be invited and still get a goodie bag and a flower crown and meet some lovely Notts bloggers.

It’s made me excited for autumnal fashion and makeup!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. October 1, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    Looks like a great event. I’ve been to Intu shopping centres in Manchester, Essex and Newcastle. They always have the best shops

  2. October 2, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    I was just thinking how cute your hair is here and you call it shit! 😛 The flower crown is gorgeous – how kind of the PR girl to give you hers.
    The event looked like fun – nothing better than fashion and beauty together. And I love Autumn looks the most.

    • October 2, 2016 / 7:09 pm

      Haha aw thanks, its all the clips they’re a right mess🙈 i know they were all so lovely!! I know i couldnt agree more! I do too autumn fashion is the best 😊

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