Lee Stafford New Coco Loco Range Review 

I love Lee Stafford as a hair care brand and I already have an array of products in my possession so whenever he brings out new things I’m always intrigued to try them.

The packaging is always gorgeous (although it’s always pink which I’m slightly biased by as it’s my fave colour) and they always smell nice and most importantly they work! Plus they’re so affordable especially when they’re on offer!

The new Coco Loco range looks beautiful and I couldn’t wait to give it a go!


First up the Coco loco blow & go genius lotion- I used the recommended amount on my towel dried hair before blow drying and straightening.


After I’d done (it takes a while) I can’t say it made my hair incredibly silky and frizz free but it wasn’t awful.


I tried the Coco loco coconut balm which is meant to transform hair from straw to silk on my dry hair the next morning and it did smooth the remaining frizz down but kind of mounded it in place and came out when I brushed it! It took quite a bit to get it to melt in my hands and become useable on my hair.

Overall they didn’t prevent my hair from succumbing to frizz the following morning on my early walk through town to work when the air is damp and reaks havoc with my hair! I always get to work and my straightened sleek(ish) hair is rendered unruly.

Nevertheless it’s a decent product from Lee Stafford and would probably be fine for those fortunate ones with better behaved hair.

The packaging is cute (a shimmery light pink with the signature fuscia writing) and sets it apart from the other LS products and it smells like coconut and vanilla which is lush!
It was on offer at Boots for two for £10 which is good considering they’re £6.99 each.

Has anyone else tried any of the new LS range? Let me know what you thought!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017



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