LUSH Christmas | Sugar Plum Fairy Range

Who doesn’t get excited about the most anticipated seasonal launch in the Lush catalogue – Christmas! I love going in to see what they’ve bought out this year both new and old.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a Christmas range scent with a lip scrub and a lip tint in the range. When I saw it I was so intrigued I smelt it immediately and I cannot tell you how happy I was when I smelt it and the aroma of Comforter hit me like a bus!


Sugar Plum Fair shares it’s scent with the Comforter family and I could not be happier that I can now slather the beautiful scent all over my lips! (and in my mouth thanks to the fact the scrubs are edible!)

Lip Scrub 

The Lush lip scrubs are a staple in my beauty regime but they are even more important during the colder months when the cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin and it makes my lips so sore and dry!

This gorgeous caster sugar scrub is a must for “en pointe pouts”. The description of this on the Lush website:

At first it’s sugary gratification as a hit of caster sugar meets the tastebuds. Buff it up! The exfoliation it offers will soften even the most wintry of lips, preparing you for the fun part… it’s time to lick. As the vivid, regal purple begins to fade away you’ll enjoy flavour as sweet as juicy hedgerow blackcurrants with the added vibrancy of sweet wild orange oil. When the remains of the dance floor have slipped away, it’s your turn to show off your best moves.

I think Comforter is actually my favourite Lush scent ever (controversial I know, soz Snow Fairy!) and the fact that Lush has bought this out makes me a very happy girl, however I am gutted this is limited edition so I will definitely be stocking up!

Lip Tint

The Lip Tint looks a dark purple in the bullet but on application it has pink tones to it as well and it’s a really gorgeous colour for the day time when you need that hydration. The website describes it as magenta and I definitely agree.

There’s no time to be a shrinking violet when your mouth is all magenta! Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oils moisturise your pucker and add intense, party-ready shimmer. Tantalising sweet wild orange oil imparts a scent as delicious as ripe berries, though once you’ve started working your scintillating footwork, your mouth will be the last thing on your mind.

It feels really soft on the lips and does a fab job of keeping them moisturised throughout the day when usually my lips will start to dry up after lunch time. It applies so nicely and it’s so easy to keep within the lip lines I am super impressed!

Fun fact, I wasn’t going to buy this  but I was raving to the cashier in my local Lush about the amazing scent and she popped it in my bag at the end before I walked out – how sweet and kind is that?! I am soo glad she did as I have used it nearly every day for the past month!

I love this range and I am so happy Lush have bought it out as a new addition to their Christmas offerings! I will defo be stocking up.

Have you tried the Sugar Plum Fairy range? What else have you been loving from the Lush Christmas range? I’d love to know your thoughts below!

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    • December 5, 2016 / 9:44 pm

      They’re gorgeous and are a must for chapped lips especially in this weather! Thanks lovely thanks for reading! 😘 xxb

  1. December 5, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    These look lovely! I’ll have to add them to my Lush wishlist.

  2. December 5, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    I didn’t know LUSH came out with these and now I want both! Off to the mall today to check them out…

  3. December 6, 2016 / 2:28 pm

    The color of that lip tint is fantastic, great for nighttime and daytime I’d say. I have used Lush lip scrub before (their popcorn one) and I’m a fan! I love that it’s a natural product, and hey, Lush is basically become an obsession of mine, so I’ll buy pretty much any product of theirs. My own lip scrub is almost done so I will definitely be checking this one out. Great review, and great blog too.

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