My quick every day make-up routine for summer ☀️

I thought I’d start off by showing you what I wear on a daily basis when I’m rushing in the morning to get ready (I faff about a LOT in the morning) so a super quick routine is a must in the morning!

First off I moisturise using face cream – I use one oil free one on my cheeks, chin and nose as I’m quite spot prone in these areas, an anti-wrinkle eye cream around my eyes (I have crows feet, I obviously laugh too much) plus an energising anti-wrinkle day cream on my forehead (I also have a lot of lines from also frowning too much!)

I make such a mess with my mascara (don’t ask me why – all my friends think its weird) so I always do this first so I can wipe it off (using No7 eye make up remover on the edge of a cotton pad and then use a cotton bud to dip into the remover and go right up to the edge of the lids). I usually put on a couple of coats to really make my eyes look open and full of volume! At the moment I’m loving Rimmel Lash Accelerator as the brush coats all my lashes right to the edge.


Then I apply my foundation using a foundation brush (or paint brush as my boyfriend likes to call it) and smooth it out using a stippler brush. Both of these are from the Wilkos premium range and both are £4 each and are really good! As it’s summer at the moment I love No7 Superstay Light as it feels light on the skin and doesn’t cake in the heat! (I only buy when they have the £3 off vouchers). I give my eyebrows a quick brush with Maybelline Brow Drama in transparent to smooth them over and wait a couple of mins for them to dry. I usually do my hair during this time!

I then apply my concealer under my eyes with Maybelline Dream Touch in #1 Ivory as it has a nice brush on the end – I apply it in a triangle with the point facing towards my chin, colouring in the whole triangle right up to the edge of my eyes (being careful not to get it on the mascara’d lashes which requires the brush to be positioned at a specific angle) and dab it with my ring finger until it looks blended.


I then use a blusher brush, from the No7 range this time, to apply a Rimmel Waterproof bronzer to the apple of my cheeks which I find by sucking my cheeks in. If I have a little spare time I use either a bronzing stick like the creamy No7 Instant Radiance highlighter or Barry M Radiant Rod to apply a highlighted line above my bronzer and blend in with my finger.


Then I use Paw Paw Papaya Moisturising Balm (much better than vaseline and apparently has multiple uses) on my lips and usually apply a lip crayon or lipstick if I still have time but it is usually when I’ve reached my destination as at this point I’m rushing to try and get out of the house. If I just leave it with the balm it gives my lips a nice natural nude look with minimal effort!

Thanks so much for reading!


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