Prepping your skin for Summer | The new body care range from Soft and Gentle 

Spring is in full swing, Summer is on its way and the sun has started to shine a little more here in the UK.

Warmer weather means every day tasks can leave us feeling a little hot and sweaty and wearing less clothes means revealing more skin.

Enter the new range from Soft and Gentle* which can help you a little along the way in prepping for summer ready skin.


When I was asked to review these for my blog, I was apprehensive at first as they seemed a bit random, but when I started using them I was pleasantly surprised at how handy they’ve become in my routine.

I was sent the Daily Shower Wash, 2 in 1 Shower and Shave Mousse and Fragranced Spray.* The range has minimalist packaging utilising a pure white background with bright colours representing each product.

Daily Shower Wash

This is a shower gel that is PH balanced for sensitive skin, meaning you can use it *down there* for extra freshness. It is described as soothing and cleansing and is gynaecologist approved.

It doesn’t have much of a scent so is suitable for sensitive skin – I can only describe it as a clean and fresh scent, do you know what I mean? It lathers up nicely leaving your skin feeling fresh in the morning. This is £3.49 from Boots.


2 in 1 Shower and Shave Mousse

This is a shaving mousse which is PH balanced for use on intimate areas. I didn’t test out the latter claim, I just used it for my under arms and legs but even so I wasn’t too impressed with this I have to say.

On application it isn’t as thick as I anticipated and there wasn’t as much reduction in friction that I would expect with a shaving product. I tried it a few times to see if it improved but sadly it didn’t.

Not something I will pick up again unfortunately but will continue to use it on my legs when they need a quick de-fuzz as it was fine for that. This is £3.99 from Boots making it the most expensive in the range.


Fragranced Spray

This is a spray designed especially for the intimate area for long lasting freshness. I won’t delve into too much detail on this subject but it is a nice fresh scent that does leave you feeling fresh and a great product to have on hand. This is £2.99 from Boots making it the cheapest in the range. This is the first drugstore body care brand that isn’t intimate focussed that have released an intimate spray (as far as I know).


As these are available to buy at Boots for between £2.99 – £3.99 this makes them a really affordable and inexpensive option for fresh feeling skin.

Have you tried anything from this range? I would love to know your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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Signature Photo March 2017

*These products were gifted to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.



    • Sophie in Wonderland xo
      May 15, 2017 / 12:22 pm

      They are lovely and affordable! i hope they do you will have to let me know if you find any! xo

  1. May 13, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    oo I like the sound of the shower wash! xoxo

    • Sophie in Wonderland xo
      May 15, 2017 / 12:22 pm

      it is lovely and so affordable! thanks for reading hun xo

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