SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer Review

Who doesn’t love going to the salon for a long lasting gel mani that means you don’t have to worry about re-doing your nail polish every 3 days?! It’s a fab concept, but it can get very pricey and isn’t something that you can maintain whilst on a budget.

The Sensationail Polish to Gel Transformer kit allows you to create a gel mani at home that lasts 7 days without chipping, and even better it allows you to use your own nail varnishes to do this with.

I like the idea of getting a salon quality gel mani at home but as I have a lot of nail polishes I didn’t want my huge collection to become obsolete, enter this little kit!

I’ve tried this out and I’m going to give you a step by step guide to using this kit and an honest review on the results it gives.

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In the kit you get the UV light, gel primer, gel cleaner, lint free wipes, polish transformer top coat / mixing gel, mixing pot and nail file.

There are two options to choose from: you can either mix the polish with the transformer or you can use your nail polish as usual and add the top coat at the end.

The latter option doesn’t last as long as when you mix it, so I will talk you through mixing it with the polish transformer. I used the Barry M Daylight Curing in Make Me Teal.


First of all you swipe your nails with the gel primer which has a bristle brush like a nail polish but shorter just to prime your nails.

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Then you need to mix equal parts of the nail varnish of your choice with equal parts of the transformer gel. Just literally drip it off the brush into the mixing pot. I used about 6 drips of each.


Then you paint a thin coat on to each nail. I did this to my fingers then my thumb last. Place it into the UV light, which automatically turns on and beeps after 30 seconds but stays on for another 30. The colour gel needs 60 seconds for each  hand. Then do another coat and cure for another 60 seconds.

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Once you’ve applied 2 coats to each nail, apply one coat of the gel transformer, ensuring you cap the tops of your nails, and set in the lamp for 30 seconds.

Then you need to wipe across your nails with the gel cleanser on the lint free wipes and you’re done!

Overall it took me about 30 minutes to follow the whole process.


You need to soak these in nail varnish remover (make sure it has acetone in) for a good 10-15 minutes. You can do this by pouring nail varnish into a tub and soaking them, or cutting up cotton pads into quarters and soaking them, placing them onto your nails and wrapping them in foil for the same amount of time.

You will then need to buff off the remaining bits with the Sensationail removal tool which you can get here and a buffer  or nail file. Your nails may be a little weak for a while too due to having to soak for so long.


So after I had finished all of the steps, I didn’t feel that my nails were completely touch proof which I would after a trip to the salon.

The next day they looked really nice and shiny and I got lots of compliments on them!

They lasted about 4 days before the ends started to come away slightly and it began to loose its shine, but I was still able to keep the colour for a few more days after that.

On day 7 I removed them but this is the annoying part as it takes so long and leaves your nails a little weak.


I do like that you can create a week long mani at home using your own nail varnishes, but the removal is a pain and it isn’t chip proof for as long as you would expect. I would use this for special occasions and when I know I need to have my nails done for a long time.


You can get it from Boots here for £49.99 but when I got it was on offer for £34.99 so keep your eyes out for offers! It would make a good present for someone who loves nail varnish!

Have you tried this? What did you think? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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    • July 25, 2016 / 7:06 pm

      Haaha im not great with my non dominant hand its touch and go and takes a lot of patience! Thanks for reading hun:) xo

      • July 25, 2016 / 7:31 pm

        UGH your still so lucky you can do it regardless LOL I swear when I paint my own nails it looks like it was done by a kindergartner haha

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