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I love burning candles and wax melts each evening so when I was contacted by the lovely ladies at Strawberry Sisters to try our their Wax Brittle* I was very intrigued and excited to try something new!

Their wax brittle pieces are multi coloured pieces of wax that are broken off (think chocolate bark shape) and fit into your wax burner like a wax melt would and each have four different scents to each piece!

The offering from Strawberry Sisters are unique and inventive and I can’t wait to share these with you!

strawberry sisters candles

The packaging is so cute they wrap the brittle up in clear cellophane and secure it with one of their branded stickers! They even include their business card which tells you all about their business.

strawberry sisters wax brittle7

They are a UK business based in Wales and all scents and candles are home made.

I was sent two scents to try –

The blue and pink brittle is called Majestic Sea and incorporates Blue Cocoa, Sugar Plum, Bubblegum Bliss and Sea Breeze.

The green, pink and yellow brittle is named Calypso and mixes Very Berry, Green Apple, Orange Burst and Sherbet Lemon.

I was also sent this pretty pink glittery tea light which smelt like bubblegum! I love that the tea light is glittery as glitter makes everything better! I won’t ever want to go return to normal boring tea lights ever again!

strawberry sisters wax brittle5

How pretty are these colours all mixed in together!? You only need one piece of bark in your burner and this gives a nice strong smell to fill the room nicely but not so much that it is overpowering!

I’ve found with Yankee melts that the first burn is so strong it makes me feel a bit queasy, whereas these brittles give off just the right amount of scent to make it pleasant and enjoyable.

strawberry sisters wax brittle

I would say one piece of brittle lasts 2 burns max, but this is fine for me I’ve never experienced ones that last much longer! When it burns, the wax goes completely white! I was surprised as I wasn’t sure what it would do with it being multi coloured but I didn’t expect it to all go white!

So lets start with Majestic Sea – this scent is AMAZING this is definitely my fave, the bubblegum is very apparent and the other scents compliment it so well! It isn’t overly sweet but just the right amount of sweetness.

Calypso is a nice fruity mix which is so refreshing and a lovely scent for summer!

The Brittles are £3 for a pack of 4 brittles which is a fab price for such lovely melts.

The ladies at Strawberry Sisters have really thought outside the box when building their brand and their unique and inventive ideas are so deserved of success! They put love and care into every product and I absolutely love that about this brand.

I love supporting UK companies and even more so when they are as lovely and thoughtful as these.

As well as brittle and tea lights, the Strawberry Sisters also do candles in a pretty jar and hampers filled with a huge variety of items such as plaques and signs and of course their lovely candles and brittle!

Check out their facebook page here to find out more about their gorgeous products.

Let me know what you choose or if you’ve already tried anything from the Strawberry Sisters!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Signature Photo March 2017

*I was sent these for free in exchange for an honest review and was not paid for this post









  1. May 4, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    The waxes look so pretty in solid form! I got a wax burner for Christmas and a couple of scents to start off (it’s Scentsy, not an indie brand sorry) but once I use those through, I’ll look for more indie brands to replace the waxes. It’s good to support local brands, I agree!

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