The perfect BB cream – Rimmel BB cream radiance review 

I love a good BB cream for those days when I need to leave the house and need a cove up but don’t want to waste my good foundation or those sunny days that call for something light and with an SPF in.

The Rimmel Radiance BB cream is perfect for this and literally does what it says on the tin – it leaves my face with a radiant glow unlike any other BB cream I’ve used.

It has good coverage for a BB cream without the thickness of foundation.

I have a very pale skin tone so I find it difficult to find anything the matches well.

I’ve tried many BB creams in the past and this is by far my favourite. I have it in colour ‘light’ which isn’t too dark for me as usually I find any light colour is a tad too dark and the extra light is too light so I’m pleased to say this one seems just right for me.

I’ve tried Seventeen BB and CC creams and both ‘light’ colours which was the lightest they had were far to dark for me.

I’ve tried Garnier BB creams which again are too dark for me and a tad greasy.

I tried the Kiko Milano BB cream when it was in the sale and I wasn’t at all impressed with that it didn’t cover very well and it was extremely dark.

I’ve also tried the other Rimmel ones including the first one that came out which I didn’t like at all as it was too greasy and the matte oil free one which on the flip side was too thick and matte and I had to mix extra light and light just to get a decent colour.

The radiance seems just right so I would definitely recommend this. It’s perfect for summer and those casual days!

Have you tried any other BB creams that you find work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Thrifty Blogger Uk
    August 14, 2015 / 4:15 pm

    Thanks for this review! I stopped using Rimmel for ages but then I picked up a couple of foundations that were perfect matches and I’ve not looked back in that department anyway!

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